Faith. Family. Patients.

I follow a lot of my friends blogs and I LOVE to read them. I love the insight into how other people manage their crazy lives, what they learn from their experiences, their journey through faith and family. So I decided I would try to share my insight too. I was trying to think of a name for my blog this morning, and since I went to bed watching Duck Dynasty, the first thing I thought of was their slogan: Faith, Family, Ducks. I realized my life was pretty similar. It pretty much revolves around 3 things, my faith, my family, and my job. And what all three of these things have been trying to teach me lately is that I need patience. Not patients, I have a lot of those (although I always welcome more!). And not just patience, but other fruits of the Spirit, self-control, gentleness, and faithfulness. Some of these fruits come naturally to me, like love and joy and kindness. And others not so much. So this blog will be a glimpse into my journey towards a better me. My journey with my faith, family and patients as I try to become more fruitful. And hopefully a little comic relief here and there from this crazy journey I’m on!


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